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Technologies for Ultra Efficient Power Conversion

Saving power. Decarbonising the built environment

One of the world’s most powerful tools for combating climate change is also one of the most overlooked – energy efficiency. We change that. Our vision is to be the future platform technology for the way power is converted, distributed, and consumed. We are focused on accelerating the energy transition through ultra-efficient power systems.

Breakthrough power architecture

AC to DC conversion at the point of use is riddled with inefficiencies, resulting in significant energy losses. Our novel High Frequency AC based power architecture minimises power stages and delivers ultra-efficient power conversion. It is agnostic to input power and end-use and is poised to become the new gold standard in power conversion and distribution.

We deliver:


Energy Savings

Reduction in wasted energy (consumption) and dissipated heat (need for cooling).



Reduced component count and heat means increased reliability and life of device.



Our technology eliminates both shock and fire risk and has negligible EMF, making our systems uniquely safe.



All our systems are engineered to operate under the harshest of environmental conditions heat, cold and wet and incorporate (N)EMP detection and protection.



With the integration of digital power and AI, our systems incorporate automatic cable integrity testing pre-start, predictive fail, and self-optimisation.


Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reducing wasted energy and heat dissipation results in lower CO2e. Reduced component count and heat means less electronic waste.

Our Focus Areas

We are the future platform technology of choice for power supply conversion and distribution of power from any AC or DC source to loads across multiple environments and applications.

Our technology is versatile and applicable to a wide range of applications, for example:


Data centres consume 1-2% of global electricity. This is set to increase significantly due to acceleration of AI. There are large inefficiencies – 30% of data centre energy is consumed by HVAC to cool servers. We change this. Our embedded systems (in servers, network switches and network storage) increase efficiency and enable an 80% reduction in heat dissipation.


Commercial spaces keep their lights on nearly year-round, making energy costs a major operational expense. Our lighting systems achieve a reduction in energy, waste heat and extend the useful life of luminaires, resulting in significant cost savings.


In vertical farms, LEDs serve as the primary light source, with energy costs accounting for as much as 50% of operating expense. High energy costs are a leading cause for farms shutting down. Our solutions reduce energy consumption, enabling farms to improve margins.

Why Energy Efficiency

Technologies for Ultra Efficient Power Conversion
Energy Efficiency is the First Fuel…there is no plausible pathway to net zero emissions without using our energy resources much more efficiently. Fatih Birol, IEA Executive Director
Energy Efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest, fastest source of energy. Dr. Steven Fawkes, Author of ‘Energy Efficiency: The Definitive Guide to the Cheapest, Cleanest, Fastest Source of Energy
The ever-increasing demand for more power at higher efficiency by our environmentally conscious economies means that electrical power will be delivered, where viable, at higher voltage, higher current and higher frequency. Prof. Patrick Luk, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Centre for Thermal Energy Systems and Materials, Cranfield University
The greenest energy is the energy we don’t use. Peter DeSantis, SVP, AWS
One of the world’s most powerful tools for combatting climate change is also one of the most overlooked – energy efficiency, which   needs to sit alongside tools such as solar, wind and electric vehicles. Financial Times – Special Report – Energy Efficiency – 17 Dec 2021

About us

Passionate about innovation and the planet

We are a pioneering power engineering and electronics design company based in a state-of-the-art lab at the Innovation Centre in the Cranfield University Technology Park, Bedfordshire, U.K.

The company was established in 2019 to develop cutting-edge technologies that accelerate the Energy Transition.